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Welfare Facilitation Development Unit

       The Welfare Facilitation Development Unit evaluates various aspects of welfare support, such as the training and supervisory process of specialists of welfare. We also work on the development of systems and assessment tools that would facilitate welfare support, such as anti-burnout and compassion fatigue measures.

        To give some concrete examples, we are currently promoting following research topics: the development of measures to evaluate supervision; the establishment of systematized support and training process for care providers in the field of social work; the technological development for welfare management; the education and training concerning social welfare; the development and promotion of methodology concerning the welfare facilitation development. The key term for this unit would be “manpower training and continued support for specialists”.

        We hope to accumulate frontier knowledge and technologies concerning methods and techniques of social workers, and use these to support practitioners. By doing so, we should be able to discover more needs to answer to, which would further promote our studies. Also, many facilities and institutes of social welfare, such as “Kodomo Gakuen” that is attached to the college, function as the laboratory for newly developed methods.  

Yoko Kimura
Associate Professor