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Asian Center for Welfare in Society

          Asian Center for Welfare in Society is a unique research center established in 2007 with an aim to promote as well as to create social welfare in Asia. The focus of our research concerns the real lives of Asian people, and how welfare may be promoted or created with theories and approaches that are suitable for Asia, a region with substantial differences from Europe. Through our research, we hope to contribute to the global development of welfare and social work.
          Our main activity is to cooperate with researchers in different nations in Asia so as to realize various seminars, workshops, and international conferences with organizations such as Asian and Pacific Association for Social Work Education. Recent joint studies include “Religion and Social Work: The Case of Buddhism”, “Professional Social Work and Functional Alternatives”, and “The Internationalization of Social Work Education in Asia” with a university in Vietnam. Also, we have been hosting the “International Seminar on Social Welfare in Asia and the Pacific” for more than twenty years (the recent topic is natural disaster and social work), along with other workshops such as “The Regional Workshop for Reexamining the International Definition of Social Work”. We have established a close relationship with institutes in Indonesia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, Fiji, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Korea, China, among other nations. Our researchers are often invited to universities, organizations, and conferences abroad to report on their findings.
          We also provide services by concluding cooperative relationships with universities abroad, and by helping students and researchers to study abroad or take part in annual study tours and international research opportunities.

Takashi Fujioka